Can internal processes maximize the contribution of people in an organization? In some cases, employees are naturally encouraged to navigate through project complexity and map all efforts to achieve a vision, why? Learn more by clicking on our article: 

Effective Employee Engagement to Decrease Projects Complexity: Lessons from Organizational Economics

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Substantial value can be left on the table if managers don't systematically evaluate the context or adapt their approaches to the evolution of a negotiation process. Learn more about the different steps in a negotiation strategy by clicking on our article:

 Phase Approach Negotiations

Values and past experiences influence the was we perceive the future. With incomplete information and limited time, mental shortcuts drive assumptions and biases affecting the robustness in decision-making processes. Learn more about in our article:

Are you Making Your Right Decisions Right? Cognitive Limitations in Decision-Making Processes

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 4th Gen organizations emerge as a new type of organization to strategically intrude modern business environments, absorbing and assimilating knowledge to effectively navigate uncertainty and generate readiness for change. Learn more about this novel concept in our featured paper: 

Creating 4th Gen Organizations: The Quest Towards an Effective Adaptation and Co-Evolution with the Business Environment

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Strategic alliances combine capabilities and resources from multiple organizations to achieve strategic objectives. However, failures could emerge when key structural elements of these ventures and the interactions between partners are not properly conceptualized .

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Understanding Strategic Alliances: An Imperative for the Success of Projects and Portfolios in Hybrid Organizations