David is a project leader with a personal mission of achieving the best possible outcomes from organizations and individuals. He has a passion for creating innovative ways to solve problems and enhance strategic decision-making in organizations, along with the study of human behavior in project environments. David has helped multiple clients to reduce complexity and effectively translate strategic objectives into project outcomes. 

​David Tain

David has worked extensively in the development and execution of industrial facilities in North and South America, holding  diverse leadership positions in major oil operators,  engineering and construction organizations. His professional expertise encompasses project conceptualization, project execution, strategy design, decision analysis, leadership, negotiation and strategic organization. David has conducted independent research and authored multiple articles and papers in the fields of Project Management, Decision-Making and Strategic Organization.

David holds a MSc. in Management (Oil and Gas) from the University of Liverpool and a professional certification in Strategic Decision and Risk Management Program from Stanford University. After obtaining his Civil Engineering degree in Venezuela, he progressively advanced his academic qualifications in Project Management, Project Development and Organizational Strategy at several institutions across the globe, remarkably Villanova University in USA and the Institut Français du Pétrole (IFP) in Paris, France. A Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) in Alberta, Canada, David lives in Calgary with his wife and kids.